Umfassende Infos Crypto This Ubisoft game is based on the Sorare blockchain

This Ubisoft game is based on the Sorare blockchain

This Ubisoft game is based on the Sorare blockchain

The Belgian football league Jupilar Pro Leauge, the blockchain transfer market Sorare and the French gaming giant Ubisoft are teaming up. Together they are working on a new blockchain gaming project: ‚One Shot Football‘.

The Belgian professional football league has announced a gaming triumvirate. So the Jupiler Pro Leauge is working together with the French gaming giant Ubisoft and the fantasy football game Sorare. This is according to a press release obtained by BTC-ECHO. Together they now Bitcoin Victory announced the launch of the beta version of the new project One Shot Leauge.

This is a competitive fantasy football game in which players can pit teams of five, consisting of players from the Belgian professional division, against each other. The basis for this is provided by Sorare’s blockchain technology. It also follows a similar approach to the fantasy football game in other respects, as matches between players are also possible in the template. In addition, Sorare also enables the trading of football cards.

The gameplay of One Shot League differs from Sorare’s, however, because you can only use a team once per match day. After that, you have to change the squad. The player cards already used are blocked for the rest of the season. Therefore, „tactical skill“ and above all „observing the real individual performance of the players“ of the Jupiler Pro League are key elements for success, the letter says. There will then be rewards per Match Day in the form of limited edition official Sorare trading cards.

The beta version is available now for free online and mobile. The test phase will run for the current 20/21 season, with the first match day scheduled for next Friday (5 March 2021)

Pro League’s CEO, Pierre François, expressed his delight at the cooperation. He said:

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA, so we are always looking for new experiences that allow our fans to live their passion to the fullest. […] We were the first football league to use Sorare’s technology and we are delighted to now bring Ubisoft on board.
Pierre François, Pro Leauge CEO

Ubisoft sends signal to gaming community

And indeed, Ubisoft’s entry is a huge signal to the gaming community. Because in addition to already more or less established gaming technologies such as VR gaming, the use of blockchain technology could offer a much more immersive gaming experience than is currently the case. With Ubisoft, a true giant of the gaming industry is now discovering blockchain for itself. Sorare has been taking this approach since 2018.

In its fantasy football game, a trading system is integrated alongside the competitive part. Here, players become bidders and auctioneers by trading player cards for real money. Readers with an affinity for gaming may now remember the FUT mode (Fifa Ultimate Team) of the Fifa series. However, the serious difference lies in the amount of player cards available.

While FUT players suffer every year from the inflationary output of player cards, which causes virtual prices to drop even for top cards, it is different with Sorare. In the blockchain game, there is a maximum of 100 copies of a player card. Some footballers are even unique. So you actually become the owner of the card. The value of the player is determined by various parameters. In addition to the rarity level („unique“, „super rare“ and „rare“), the real individual performance of the player on the pitch is also a factor that flows into the transfer value of the footballer. For more information, you can take a look at our detailed review of Sorare.