Banco Rendimento operates in the RippleNet cloud

The Brazilian financial institution, Banco Rendimento, operates in the RippleNet cloud. As the financial industry adjusts to a digital world, cloud technology solutions are playing a more important role.

In this way, the cloud enables instant connectivity between financial service providers and their customers, on a global scale. Banks and financial institutions are relying more on cloud technology to meet customer demands. Because they evolve quickly, adapting to an unpredictable and changing environment.

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Ripple Cloud Announcement
Ripple is pleased to announce that Banco Rendimento is the first bank to take advantage of RippleNet technology, completely in the cloud. They join dozens of other financial institutions such as Azimo, MoneyGram, Pontual and Viamericas that are already leveraging the power of the cloud.

In the last six months, more than 80% of new RippleNet customers have opted for cloud deployment. On the other hand, 30% of all RippleNet payments are now sent and/or received through the RippleNet cloud.

„Being hosted on the RippleNet Cloud allowed us to connect with financial institutions around the world that would otherwise be more difficult to connect with from Malaysia. Says Adrian Yap, CEO and co-founder of MoneyMatch.

Yap explained that: „The use of one set of APIs for all our RippleNet connections. It allowed us to reduce our costs and speed up the integration process which otherwise would have taken days or weeks.

The crypto-coin company says that by leveraging Ripple’s cloud solution. Customers increase efficiency and maximize their competitive advantage with a higher speed of innovation and time to market, while reducing total cost of ownership.

That’s why the launch of the RippleNet Cloud allows companies to send and receive payments with integration between all RippleNet customers. This means less friction and more standardisation at scale.

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Banco Rendimento evolves
Banco Rendimento expects to increase payment volumes in the first quarter of 2021, using the RippleNet cloud for its operations. Since joining RippleNet in 2019, Banco Rendimento offers customers more visibility, transparency and standardization in their balances. While reducing its reliance on manual administrative processes, such as reconciliation checks.

„We migrated to the RippleNet cloud to give our customers the opportunity to connect with global Crypto Investor partners easily, quickly and with more transparency. We are seeing cloud services as a way to allow them to easily navigate, while they can present and exchange payments in the same environment with customers around the world, and Ripple is helping us with that,“ says Jacques Zylbergeld, superintendent of foreign exchange at Banco Rendimento.

Similarly, Ripple says that consumer demand for instant and simple applications, such as Uber, is increasing. It is accelerating the technological advance of today’s banking services.

Because global banks and financial institutions risk being left behind as more agile technology players adapt to new digital environments.

RippleNet offers the cloud as an opportunity to scale faster and introduce new applications. Ripple’s cloud solution provides banks and financial institutions with a platform to meet the needs of their customers.

Handelslegende Peter Brandt glaubt, dass XRP bald gegen Bitcoin auf dieses Niveau tanken könnte

In einem vernichtenden Tweet behauptet der Rohstoffhändler Peter Brandt, dass Ripple Labs, das Blockchain-Zahlungsunternehmen, das XRP „entdeckt“ hat und 60 Prozent seines Gesamtangebots besitzt, es jetzt aufgibt.

Er geht davon aus, dass der in San Francisco ansässige Riese das Wad, das zur Unterstützung des XRP zugewiesen wurde, über ein kritisches Unterstützungsniveau hinaus gesprengt hat.

XRP / BTC verliert die Schlüsselunterstützung

Brandt stellte fest, dass der XRP-Preis nach der jüngsten Rallye von Bitcoin unter die Marke von 10.000 USD unter 2.060 Satoshis gefallen war. Wenn die Bitcoin Loophole Kryptowährung die oben genannte Stufe nicht zurückerhält, geht Brandt davon aus, dass sie bis auf 1.450 Satoshis sinken wird.

Bereits im Mai hatte Brandt getwittert, dass 1.100 Satoshis für XRP möglich sein könnten, wenn seine „Taschenhalter“ schließlich kapitulieren würden.

Am 10. Juni erreichte XRP seinen niedrigsten Punkt gegenüber BTC seit Dezember 2017.

Das XRP / BTC-Paar ist derzeit um erstaunliche 91 Prozent gegenüber seinem Höchststand von fast 23.000 Satoshis, der im Januar 2018 aufgezeichnet wurde, gesunken.

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XRPs Erzfeind

Wie von U.Today berichtet, behauptete Brandt, dass er nach einem Spucken mit seiner aggressiven Community nicht mehr über XRP twittern würde.

Ungeachtet des Versprechens sagt die Handelslegende jetzt, dass er nicht widerstehen konnte, einen weiteren Versuch mit der umstrittenen Kryptowährung zu unternehmen, wenn sie es so sehr verdient hatte.

Der selbstbeschriebene „Boomer, der XRP hasst“ nannte das Token kürzlich einen „manipulierten Betrug“.

Zuvor behauptete er, dass XRP kostenlos verteilt werden sollte, während er auf einen Werbegeschenk-Schein antwortete.

Ransomware attacks are increasing in the education sector

Education services around the world have witnessed an increase in rescue attacks in 2020. According to Verizon’s 2020 data breach investigation report, ransomware attacks account for approximately 80% of all cyber attacks suffered.

The data suggests that 92 percent of these incidents were financially motivated, while only 3 percent were aimed at spying on companies operating in the education field.

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Sharp increase in ransomware attacks since 2019
Ransomware attacks are growing at an alarming rate. Now accounting for the overwhelming majority of all cyber attacks, ransomware was only 48% of the total during 2019. Phishing is partly to blame: Ransomware attacks are more commonly Bitcoin Revolution, Immediate Edge, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Billionaire, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Trader, The News Spy, Bitcoin Circuit conducted through fake websites than through email.

The Verizon report also says that attackers don’t even need to be able to do the work themselves; they can rent malware as a service. In addition, Verizon says many companies still have a significant lack of protection against rescue software, which also explains the increase.

A well-known egg distributor is the new victim of ransomware – will the chickens lay Bitcoin?

Casey Ellis is founder and CTO of the security company, Bugcrowd. Speaking to Cointelegraph, he noted that many companies are vulnerable to the rise of ransomware attacks in the COVID-19 era:

„As more organizations turn to telecommuting, we can expect to see more ransomware attacks targeting telecommuting employees. Attackers will capitalize on vulnerabilities at the outer perimeter, allowing for more effective and destructive phishing attacks, such as taking over sub-domains, due to the large number of hurried domain and configuration changes.

While ransomware software can be run mostly on publicly known vulnerabilities, Ellis expects to see an increase in sophisticated attacks across all industries.